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New Installation & Repair Plumbing Services

Shelby Mechanical Installs, Services, and Repairs all of your Plumbing
needs. From new construction to service work... we handle it all.
Please contact us for a licensed plumber now.

Questions you may be looking for answers to:

Where do I find a plumbing contractor near me?
Who do I call for plumbing service?
Who installs or repairs leaks?
Local contractor for installation or repair of plumbing.
I have frozen pipes who can I call locally?
Looking for a plumbing contractor for a project.
Who near me works on plumbing fixtures?
Water heater service, repair, or replacement.
Someone near me that unclogs drains?
What do I do if drains are running slow?
Faucet is leaking who can I get to fix?

From Home plumbing repairs to commercial
.... we do it all!

Shelby Mechanical offers a licensed plumber for
Plumbing Installation and Service Work to
the Shelbyville, Anderson, Indianapolis and all
surrounding areas.

Licensed Plumber - Plumbing Repairs, New Installation and Services. Repairs leaky or frozen pipes.

Licensed Plumber - Plumbing  Repair & Service    Plumber - Licensed Indiana