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Shelbyville Indiana Mechanical Contractor - Plumber

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Below are some of the HVAC, plumbing and industrial
contractor services offered by Shelby Mechanical.
We are looking to build long lasting relationships with
each and every customer.  
Our home office is in Shelbyville Indiana but we are
not limited to just this area, so call today!

Industrial - Institutional
Mechanical Contractor

Shelby Mechanical can service, repair, and install all your heating, air conditioning, HVAC, plumbing and pipefitting needs. From new design build project to plan spec project we have the expertise to budget and quote any project.

From copper, stainless, CPV, Sch 80 PVC, and Poly piping we can
take care of you.

Indiana Plumbing Contractor ~ Licensed Plumber:
• Cast iron no hub, service weight, Sch 40 PVC waste, vent and storm.
• Plumbing fixtures whether it be commercial to institutional can
be provided and installed by a licensed plumber.
• Domestic water heating, softening, circulation pumps, balance
valves can all be provided and installed by Shelby Mechanical.

Shelby Mechanical is also experienced with all your HVAC needs:

• Need to install or repair an HVAC system please contact us
for your needs.
• Pumps, hydronic boilers, controls devices, flow controls
devices we have experience with all of these items.

• Steam and condensate.
Have an old or new steam system please contact us today and
our experienced Steam Fitter will visit and diagnose and repair
your system. Steam boilers, condensate pumps, F&T or bucket
traps, humidifiers, please let us know so we can help.

• Refrigeration systems, split systems.

Shelby Mechanical also provides welding, brazing, and
soldering by trained and certified professionals.

Medical Gas installation, certification and repair by our
locally trained professionals.

We are also available for design build projects!

Heating & Air Conditioning Service
Service, Repair, New Projects -

& Certified in Indiana

HVAC Contractor

• Installation of HVAC equipment
• Heating natural gas
• Steam and condensate piping
• Steam equipment installation & repair
• Refrigerant piping and equipment
• Ductwork, diffusers and registers
• Insulation of piping and ductwork
• Controls installation
• Test and balance of HVAC systems
• Certified Welding
• Certified Pipefitting

Institutional & Industrial Contractor
• Med gas installation and repair
• Certifications and testing
• Kitchen equipment and installation

Shelbyville Plumbing Contractor
• Process Piping - Industrial Piping
• Sanitary waste and vent installation &
• Domestic water installation and repair
• Plumbing fixture installation and repair
• Natural gas mains and equipment.
• Energy efficient water heater installation
& replacement
• Water Softener Installation
• Licensed Plumber

Licensed & Insured ~ Free Inspections
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